About Us


Koh Guan Chua Workshop was founded in 6 Sept 1967 by the late Mr. Koh Guan Chua in Sin Ming Industrial Estate, Singapore. Currently the workshop is managed by Mr. Koh Dan Jian (D.J.), the third generation of the family together with a team of experienced staff.
It was started as a spray painting workshop, with D.J took over the management role in 2008, Koh Guan Chua Workshop (KGC) has evolved to a One-Stop automotive workshop for car servicing, car accident assistance, air-conditioning servicing, car insurance matters, car grooming, spray painting, paint protection and polishing as well as bodykit customisation.

We provide services from interior car maintenance and servicing, gearbox repair, car aircon servicing and computer diagnosis. To exterior car bodyworks spray painting, bodykit, upholstery cleaning, car wrapping, car grooming and detailing to car paint protection. Even car accessories like in-car camera and aftermarket parts. After sales services including car inspection, car insurance and road tax renewal and insurance claim as well.

At Koh Guan Chua workshop (KGC), we have a wide range of car bodykits for most car models, authorized dealer of in-car cameras, car detailing and paint protection services. These comprehensive product range is continuously updated to keep pace with the ever changing automotive market.

Most of our clients come from word-of-mouth as we are highly recommended by friends and business associates. We constantly upgrading our computer diagnostic equipment and tools, as well as our skills to provide the best for all our customers. Do feel free to contact us anytime, we are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your vehicle.


Introduction of our friendly team to you:

DJ Koh
D.J. Koh
9321 0855

DJ Koh as a 3rd leader of KGC team.
Helping with family business since his school term breaks.
Manage to pick up good skill of polishing & spray painting since 1999.
Completed studies in Electronic.
During his army time, he worked as an Amour Tech.
Where give him a complete rounder of the automotive needs.
He been to different countries for spray painting exchange program, eg. Thailand, Indonesia and Spain.
He never fails to bring his smile and nothing is impossible attitude.
He constantly upgrading with latest skills, tools and technology to lead KGC team to whole new level.

Accident Claim Consultant, General Enquiries & Feedbacks
9451 6585

Melvino, a car enthusiast, had chosen to give up his higher salary job and go after his interest in automotive trade.
He always explore into many aftermarket parts and research and getting feedback from clubs members and reviews.
With his cheerful and positive working attitude, he is able to provide good quality services and after sale service.

General Enquiries & 24/7
Han, working in Singapore more than 10 years back.
He have many years of experience with all types of bodykit From customizing, fiber repair and modification of bodykit.
Be it original or replica bodykit.
His top demand on workmanship, will able to ensure your vehicle install at best finishing.
Same goes to your car detailing and grooming.

Body-kit, Detailing & Paint Protection
9726 8169

Ah Kiok, start working with Conti car in Malaysia, and cross train with air-con in both JDM and Conti vehicles.
He looks young but he is well experience and continuous to upgrade his skills as new model releasing.
He is now in charge of KGC Servicing, Air-con & Accessories department.
He is humble & energetic.
With his honesty, he is able to give you the best reliable consultation.

Servicing, Air-con & Accessories
Ah Kee, had been working over 15 years in automotive spray painting.
With his experience in all type of car, JDM or Conti-cars paint, and even supercar like F12, has no problem to him.
He had visited Spain with DJ Koh in 2015 for some exchange programs and explore into new products to meet our market requirement.

Spray Painting
8138 6751

Ah Ping, had started in various automotive background.
Start off in wiring and accessories, then tire shop in Malaysia.
Before he come to Singapore as Mechanic and join the grooming department.
He have been in grooming and detailing for many years.
He is currently our in-charge for grooming and paint protection department.
After all the paint work done, with his commitment and skills, he is able to ensure our grooming quality level at all time.

Grooming, Polish, Detailing & Paint Protection
6453 6279

Imelda, a lovely and cheerful lady.
Helping KGC team on all logistic and accounts need.
Assisting to arrange on re-inspection for accident vehicles and all necessary documents.
You will be expecting her call & her beautiful voice when your car is about to be ready.
With her positive and responsible attitude, she is always committed to work and all tasks that assign to her.

Admin & Accounts