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"Changed Colour of my rim and roof by spray paint. Guys did a good job. Also they solved few small issues with my car free of charge which is highly appreciated. They know what they do. Highly recommended."

Uverski, SG CAR MART,
"I was involved in an accident where another car rear ended me. I had sought 2 different quotes for the repair (1 with AD and the other with a reputed body shop in MCF). The other car recommended KGC as he was a friend of DJ's.
I was a bit hesitant as most reviews on KGC was done by "newbies". However, I had little choice as KGC's quote was the lowest and had promised to fixed my bodykit!
I met Han as DJ was away. Han reassured me that all was fine and they could do a good job.
I left my car with them though they told me they needed 7 working days to fix my car ... they returned it within a remarkable 5 working days! They car was well fixed and I am fairly pleased with the results though I wished I was never involved in the accident as it caused a lot of inconveniences! I finally met DJ on day of car collection and he was a very pleasant down to earth and was keen to emphasise that they were a one-stop shop.

I will be considering returning once my warranty with AD finishes.

Highly recommended for bodyshop work. I did not use their workshop for mechanical repairs."




"I know a few workshops but this is the only workshop I like to visit.
Last year I sent my 5.5 years old Honda Stream to re-spray the whole car. The boss quoted me a very reasonable price. Workmanship was good. Looks like a brand new car. DJ the boss even spent time explained to me how to take care of the new paint work. The boss is young and humble and his service is good.
Thank you DJ."