• TPMS-8886-3_grande

    STEELMATE TPMS TP-8886 (Car Tyre Pressur

    Key features Match with valve-cap external sensors 100% DIY installation Specific Bluetooth channel, work with Steelmate Engine Lock for Smartphone…

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  • tp05_display


    TPMS for in-dash A/V monitor Key Features TP-05: Match with valve-cap internal sensors TP-05E: Match with valve-cap external sensors Video…

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  • IMG_6610B_grande

    STEELMATE TPMS TP-77PE (Wireless Externa

    A slim, cig-lighter style TPMS for 4WD, passenger vehicles, some motorhomes and mini buses. The Steelmate TP-77 is a DIY…

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  • IMG_6993_grande

    STEELMATE TPMS TP-S1 (External Small Sol

    Key Features Battery chargeable even in cloudy days Switched to another vehicle easily Flexible display placement on dashboard Compact-size wireless…

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  • Parrot_Neo_2

    Parrot Minikit Neo 2 HD

    PRICE: $168.00 Make and receive calls while driving, and still keep your eyes on the road and hands on the…

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