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To enquire more about KGC Membership, please contact our team:
DJ Koh - 9321 0855
Melvino - 9451 6585
Kiok - 9726 8169
Ping - 8138 6751
Office - 6453 6279

Membership FAQ

Q: How to join KGC membership?
A: Sign up with us on selected servicing/polishing package.
Q: What are the Package available?

A: 5 or more selected servicing package / 3 or more selected polishing package.Contact us for more updated details:Melvino @ 9451 6585DJ @ 9321 0855

Office @ 6453 6279


Q: Can I share my package with my friends/family?

A: Yes, might require to top up the price difference for different vehicle category.

Q: How many vehicles can a member register?

A: Each member can register up to 2 vehicles.

Q: Can I earn KGC$ when my friend spend at any KGC outlets?

A: No, only the 2 registered vehicles by the member will be able to earn the KGC$.

Q: Is there expiry date on the KGC Membership?

A: KGC membership valid for 3 years. However, auto renewal with minimum total spending of $200.00 over the last 6 months from expiry.

Q: What if my KGC Cashcard / FlashPay card expire?

A: Card replacement fee of $18.00.

Q: What if I want to sign up both servicing & polish package, and I don't need second membership card?

A: You will earn KGC$ base on 5% of both packages fees.

Q: Can I purchase more package in future after my package end?

A: Yes, we might have more attractive package in future.

Q: Do you have lesser frequent of servicing/polishing package?

A: No, as we providing at least 1 free servicing/polishing from every package sign up. We

allow you to share the usage of the package with your friends or family.

Q: Can I refund my package?

A: Package is not refundable.

Q: How do I earn my KGC$?

A: For selected package will be awarded with 5% of the total amount. Subsequent spending up to 1.35% of the total amount.

KGC$1.00 point = SGD$1.00.

Q: How do I spent my KGC$?

A: You may redeem at any KGC outlets with any services.

Q: Will there be any value in the Cash Card / FlashPay Card?

A: No value.

Q: What if I lost my card? How much is the fee to replace?

A: Contact us, provide us your detail, card replacement fee of $18.00 before GST.

Q: Can I sign up for membership without signing any package?

A: Only by signing up the selected package with us will be eligible for KGC Membership.

Q: Can I choose the KGC Cash Card / Flashpay Card Design?

A: We only have 1 design at the moment.

Q: Do I have to pay for the KGC Cash Card / Flashpay Card?

A: Every KGC member entitle to one free KGC Cash Card/ Flashpay Card.

Q: Can I convert KGC$ to cash or other voucher?

A: No.

Q: What if I wish to upgrade my package in future?

A: We will require you to top up accordingly.

E.g. Existing package of Bardahl Syn N package at $138 for 4 litres. upgrade to Bardahl

Racing 5 litres.

Each visit top up $90 in total.

Breakdown as follow:

-$50 for difference of Syn N of 4 litres @$138.00 & Bardahl Racing of 4 litres @ $188.00

-$40/litre for difference of 1 litre, upgrading from 4 litres to 5 litres package.

Q: How to check my KGC$ balance?

A: KGC$ balance will be printed on the invoice. However, you may contact us if you wish to check your KGC$ balance.